[Join us and help dogs worldwide]


We donate 3% of our net income to dogs charities and help more dogs from suffering in any pain.  We are now donating to the dog owners whose dogs are suffering from pain (ex. herniated disc, arthritis etc)


We will donate to the following charity: 

1. Animal Rescue Foundation, ARF (USA)

2. All dogs matter (UK)

3. Sasha's shelter (USA)


There are more dogs need to be saved. As long as we are all living in this earth, we shall all helping each others (see myself as a dog already). We are going to donate to the listed charity $10,000 USD. After the amount of money, we will donate to the charity that our customer suggest! Looking forward to see you join our community!


[ If you are one of the community, you will get certain commission each time you sell a product. Please email us for more information youraveryday@gmail.com ]