How do you prepare for your pets during a pandemic such as the Coronavirus that has taken the world by storm?

This is a question most pet owners have been asking during these tricky times. Experts say that there is no evidence linking pets to the spread of the virus. However, you have to be cautious during this period. It is advisable to have someone who can take care of your pet for you. This may include playing games with them, feeding them using the dog bowl stand or even washing their beds. It is still okay if you choose to do it on your own, especially now that you may have a lot of time in your hands. Anyone with dogs understands the primary ways of caring for the dog. You need food, medication and, perhaps subtly enhance their health status. 

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Don’t let your dogs be bored

If your pets get tired, they will bother you. So don’t let this happen. Prepare some suitable activities to make them entertained and busy in your quarantine days.

A DIY scavenger hunt

dog peanut butter, jar for dogs

This can be playful. You have to hide treats and rewards in a room, hall, or fenced boundary area. Moreover, you can offer the dog the left-behinds of an ended 100% Natural Dog Peanut Butter. This could be better and effective if you could create another game of fetching out things even in your lunch break time. Get a ball, or also roll on a pair of socks and start playing.

DOG-TV-a feasible entertainment

You can easily read a book break whereas getting logged into the DogTV so they can enjoy a little more than usual. Use promo code WECARE for 30-day free trial duration for the website that shows so many pet-friendly videos for your ease, relaxation, and excellent exposure. It is also a sort of excellent activity for a human to give it sight, too, with different kinds of cute dogs, along with the mesmerizing music that might put you on and nearby friends in a comforting mindset.

Keep on playing inside

In a period of self-quarantine, it is still beautiful to take your dog in your neighborhood regions, like if you have a boundary-in backyard, let them free to run around. You can buy a Chuckit! Amphibious Fetch Value Pack! Toy or get a tennis ball and play an easy fetch in your area. It will be far better if you have a child of young age who requires exercise.

A BarkBox is a present

For now, we know that there is not so much time to go and buy something at a pet store. Surprisingly the canine-tasty subscription box gives an offer. For a month, themed BarkBoxes (which initiates at $22) each have two toys, a set of bags of suggestions, and mostly some chew stick.

Healthy offers

Staying at home means so many meals where hungry pet dogs could be looking around or at least irritating while parked at your feet. You can make it a good time for a treat offer. Make options for apple pieces, celery or chopped carrots that will soothe their taste buds as you finish up your job. 

Whether you want to improve the health status of your dogs or you have a messy dog, a raised dog feeder will make things easier for you. Below are some of the reasons you should consider using a dog bowls elevated.

Helps To Improve Dogs’ Stance.

 When you buy the elevated dog feeder, it is going to force your dogs to stand when they are eating. What this does is that when the dogs keep standing anytime, they are eating, their stance Improves with time. This means that the dogs are going to minimize the issue of curves spine or their heads being fixated down all the time when they are feeding. The AveryDay™ elevated dog bowls have 4 odd heights which help to reduce gastrointestinal problems in your dog and also, encourage effective digestion. Your dogs will no longer have to strain their necks, backs, and joints any time they are eating. This is a great way of reducing expensive expenses that occur when the dog starts experiencing pains.


Reduces Bloating.

Bloating is a major issue and is even considered a fatal condition in large dog breeds. You will notice that as soon as your dog reaches the age of five or six, they are more susceptible to bloating problems. These adjustable dog bowl stand are great because they make the dog eat slower than they are used to. This reduces the chances of the dog experiencing bloating. Also, the dogs have a better chance of the food they have eaten getting down in their tract with ease.



During this quarantine period, it is a perfect time to try an Elevated Dog Bowls to increase the welfare of your dog. Due to the quarantine, it may not be possible to find a vet in the event that your dog is sick. If you don’t know where to start, consider AveryDay™ Elevated Dog Bowls that has 4 odd heights!

4月 10, 2020 — Avery Chiang

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