50-100% huge discount Giveaway to all USA based dog parents. In order to participate in the game, we're asking you to choose one of the option:


OPTION A. - 100% Rebate

1. short 15-20 seconds vertical video of your dogs using it. 

OPTION B. - 50% Rebate

1. Two pictures of your dogs using it. Pictures cannot be over filtered or blurry. 

2. short amazon product feedback from your dog


We will only reimburse you full amount when you complete every steps in either option. Currently we only offer 2 ways to receive the reimbursement, PayPay or Amazon Gift Card.


Without further ado, let's follow the steps to claim your gift:

1. Search and Buy the item on Amazon.com

**Please note this campaign is only available for the following item:

    A) BLACK elevated dog bowls

     - Search and Buy "AveryDay Raised Dog Bowls Large Elevated"

    B) BEIGE jumbo silicone feeding mat

     - Search and Buy "AveryDay silicone pet feeding mat"

    C) PINK jumbo silicone feeding mat

     - Search and Buy "AveryDay silicone pet feeding mat"

2. Screenshot the Review you left

averyday elevated dog bowls for large small medium size stand raised feeder

3. Attach the screenshot, video/pictures and your Order number, then send to myservice@youraveryday.com

Are you ready? Let's go!

averyday elevated dog bowls raised dog bowls for large dog medium small amazon.com