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Is the material safe and BPA-Free

Yes! Every AveryDay® product is made of BPA-free and Food grade material.

Is it dishwasher safe?

Yes, all AVERYDAY products are dishwasher safe.

What's the sizing guidelines for this product?

Large size can adjust from 2.85" (7.2cm)to 12.7" (32.3cm). Come alone with x2 stainless steel water bowl with 8.55"H X 2.68" Depth, 6 cups capacity.

Small size can adjust from 2.3" (5.84cm)to 6.73" (17cm). Come alone with x2 stainless steel water bowl with 7.1"H X 1.94" Depth, 2 cups capacity.

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  • +10 MORE MINUTES - AVERYDAY dog food dish slow feeder reduce the risk of bloating and indigestion by slowing down their eating speed.
  • PRECISE EATING - The 3 3/4 cup dog bowl slow feeder helps control portion sizes, preventing your dog from gulping down their food too quickly. Suitable for both dry and wet food.
  • MENTAL STIMULATION - Our dog puzzle feeder designed with raised tunnels to slow down even the fastest eaters. Practice you dogs' mental stimulation during mealtime.
  • CLEAN AT EASE - With 0 narrow angle design, simply throw the slow dog feeder bowl into dishwasher for stress free cleaning.
  • PERFECT SIZE - Our slow feeder dog bowls for large breeds and medium dogs has a lip to easily fit an opening in a raised dog bowls.
  • Notice - AVERYDAY slow eating dog bowl is not suitable for small dogs.

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